Long delays deleting a file in Visual Studio

For months I have been suffering from long delays when I delete a file from solution explorer in Visual Studio. 

Minutes… slow, dreadful minutes.  

I thought it was Resharper’s fault or VisualSVN’s but nay.  It’s because I have a large recycle bin, which is fully scanned every time you delete a file.  After I emptied the recycle bin files deleted much faster.

Via Jeff Brown on the alt.net list.

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13 Responses to Long delays deleting a file in Visual Studio

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  2. Luis says:

    Matt… you ae a genius! Thanks for that tip! This issue was driving me nuts!!! The world is beautiful again!!! =)

  3. Willem van Hooijdonk says:

    Great tip Matt! Works great.

  4. W.Meints says:

    Thanks Matt, I was wondering if it was my virtual machine, but you made the solution to my problem so much easier. Keep it up!

  5. Greg Harris says:

    Thank You!

    And Thank You Google.

  6. DrJokepu says:

    Thanks mate, you have won one Internet! This issue was driving me crazy!

  7. Brian Ensink says:

    Another satisfied customer here. Emptying the recycle bin saved me a lot of coffee breaks while waiting for file deletes.

  8. Dimitris Tsoukakis says:

    you are a god

  9. Becky Boone says:

    It’s funny how caught up we get in projects and forget the little maintenance details like emptying the recycling bin. This tip is much appreciated and hopefully will spawn some better practices on my machine.

  10. Jordan says:

    Thanks for that! Like others, this issue was driving me mad.

  11. Emptying 10GB from my Recycle bin and turning off R# made little difference to the file deletion delays in VS2010, so I manually hacked out the files by editing the .csproj file. Instant relief – everything is runs much faster now.

  12. I always forget what it is you said fixed it, for some reason, so I come back to this page once every three months or so.

  13. drever says:

    Thankyou! I’m so glad I found this page!

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